"A new experience of an ancient Eastern world"

Traditional Thai Massage - Nuad Thai - นวดแผนโบราณ:
60min/90min/120min   €25/€35/€45

Nuad Thai uses a combination of very powerful techniques, including stretching, acupressure and Yoga.
Nuad Thai is 'Yoga for lazy people', because in actual fact Yoga is done on the receiver.Instead of constantly being aware of the posture, listening to the teacher, correcting positions or, if doing Yoga by for yourself thinking of the sequence, the receiver's mind is free to wander and explore all sensations, limiting beliefs end emotions that come up during the massage.
It is a passive exercise, a unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation while wiping away your daily stress, which is carried out by the master. Oil is not used in this process. The master uses not only the hands, but also the elbows, knees, foots and own body to rhythmically stretch, turn and exercise your body, pressing on the energy points and lines. This process , is a powerful therapeutic procedure, can be a little uncomfortable at times, but the positive effects in the body will be very clear: it will reduce psychological tension, stress and anxiety, remove the physical blocks, increase joint flexibility, improve spiritual balance and leave you feeling very relaxed.
Your Treatment is enjoyed comfortably in loose fitted traditional Thai clothing which we provide for you here.

Thai Special Massage:
60min/90min/120min   €30/€40/€50

Thai massage with the heating or cooling balm provides long lasting relief to your aching and overstressed muscles.

Oil Massage - นวดไทยน้ำมัน:
60min/90min/120min   €35/€50/€65

The oil massage is a table massage that combines the techniques of herbal oil massage with Traditional Thai Massage. During the oil massage, the body is massaged with therapeutic Thai herbal oil in a manner that combines the long, broad strokes and muscle kneading, with certain gentle stretching and acupressure techniques seen in Thai massage. This massage helps to release blockages in energy, rebalances and harmonizes the flow of energy throughout the body. It provides relief to tension, aches and pains, along with a broad range of therapeutic benefits, making the oil massage a truly satisfying and healing experience. The combination of soothing and healing aromatic oils, gentle kneading and stretching will leave the body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.
After the oil massage you will feel rested and recovered.

The Four-Hand Oil Massage - นวดไทยสี่มือ:
60min/90min/120min   €65/€95/€125

This is a unique massage, which combines the work of two masseurs. Their hands simultaneously work on your body, creating a state of bliss. The coordinated hand work creates a unique sense of rhythm, which is so pleasant that you will drift away from the everyday world, and return in a short while with new energy.

Back and Shoulder Massage - นวดหลังและ ไหล่:
60min/90min/120min   €25/€35/€45

This massage is ideal for people working in a sitting position or doing hard physical work, where tensions are concentrated in the upper spine, neck and shoulder area, and therefore contribute to painful muscular knots. In addition, the unnatural position of the spine often causes a headache. Regular massage on the back and shoulders will help reduce frequent back pain and headache, relieve tight muscle groups, and strengthen the natural form of the spine. After the back and shoulder massage you will feel relaxed and energetic.

Royal Foot Massage - นวดเท้า:
60min/90min/120min   €30/€40/€50

Royal foot massage will increase energy flow to the body, strengthen the nervous system, reduce tension, stimulate internal organs, and improve blood circulation. The massage done by the unique Thai techniques is based on the ancient truth that all organs of the body energy channels are connected with certain points of our feet. Massaging these points improves the relevant energy channels, and thus pain, insomnia or headaches can disappear. Attention is given not only to the foot, but to each finger.
Feel Royal while your feet get the attention that they deserve.